Trump Presser


I watched Trump’s presser. When I say watch I mean I watched much of it. Not all but some. I watched some. Maybe 40 minutes. Maybe. Maybe less, maybe more. It went on for awhile. Not all day but for a long time. It wasn’t very very long. But it was, as press conferences go, a kinda long press conference. He talked. He talked a lot. He talked about a lot of issues. Many, many, I say, many issues. Some good, some bad. Not all bad. Maybe mostly bad. He started by saying he wanted to announce a few things. Just a few. More perhaps. More. And then some questions. But nice questions. Nice people questions from good reporters. Nice reporters. Not all reporters but some. They won’t all be nice or professional. They should be. They can be. Maybe they will. We’ll see. Be professional that is. We’ll see about that. I can tell you they can be sometimes. They can. I’ve seen it. Melania has seen it. The kids. All the kids. Not all. Most sometimes. Perhaps. Professional reporters ask professional questions. Ask them. They’ll tell you. Most of them will. Most. Donnie Most. Donnie Most was on Happy Days. Most of the time. Not all the time. Most. Fonzie. Fonzie and Donnie. Mostly Fonzie. Fonzie asks professional questions. Ask him. He’ll tell you. And the grandkids. The grandkids will tell you. They love Fonzie. And Donnie. Or Donald. So. And we know good questions. We know some. Some bad, some good. Some in the middle. Sum it all up. I’m summing it all up. I’m a summer. I sum. I’m summing.

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Author: Mick

A disgraced knight. A monkey full of moonshine. In many ways good. Flaws in his character have led him to a tragic life. Indecisive and overly obsessed with the death of his father. Also obsessed with the three witches who predict not only that he will become king, but also the circumstances of his downfall. A poor judge of character, a better judge of beer, wine, and music. A beach bum. An attendant lord. Deferential, glad to be of use, Politic, cautious, and meticulous; Full of high sentence, but a bit obtuse; At times, indeed, almost ridiculous— Almost, at times, the Fool.

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